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          Teachers’ Lecture on Junior Biology was held by Institute of Education and Science of Shi jiazhuang
          Time:2014-1-9 8:50:17      Read:925      Translator:Lui Ruijie
            On the afternoon of December 24th, in our school Teachers’ Lecture on Junior Biology was held by Institute of Education and Science of Shi jiazhuang. The teacher Li Hui from our school gave a biology lesson as an example class, which set the topic of Birds. Li set up the class study as the basic process. The pigeons’ morphological structure is suitble for flying. The whole class was divided into parts of pigeon’s shape, sports and energy. By using video, bone specimens and pictures, Li designed the class and guided the students carefully. By observation, experiment, exploring, showing and exchanging thoughts, the students summarized the features of pigeons’ structure, and realized the biological point of view: biological morphology structure is suitable for its function. They felt the fun of life exploration, the understanding of loving birds, protecting birds, and living in harmony. The students studied actively in strong class atmosphere and spectacular learning situations. They passionately devoted to inquiry activities. They formed the scientific inquiry ability, scientific attitude and values in the independent practice, self discovery and summary.
              The biology teacher Li Chunmei from our school evaluated the teaching and the students. She thought the students participated fully in the class activities under the accurate and timely directon of the teacher. The evaluation was proper and various. This class was full of student-student interaction, question supplement and summary. The students broke through the difficulties.
              The teacher Zhou Yuxing from Institute of Education and Science of Shi jiazhuang spoke highly of the class. This is a practial biology class, which is also effective and unforgettable. The learning case is practical, the content is substantial, the class design is reasonable----all these promote the effectiveness of class teaching. The students’ learning quality will effect their whole life. 

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